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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

#ad :: Elf on the Shelf :: Discovering Traditions

::Momma Disclosure:: {This is not a compensated campaign. I received an Elf on the Shelf courtesy of creator Carol Aebersold and MSL GroupThe statements below are both my true and honest opinion.}


I never know when to introduce certain tradition to my children, they are fairly young still and well I don't ever know if they will fully appreciate them. But, this past weekend I decided to join in on the Christmas Elf on the Shelf fun since I had been gifted the cute little Elf earlier this year. I also had the opportunity to interview the creator which was a very neat experience. 

I put my box filled with goodies on the table and of course immediately sparked attention in my kids. When I opened it, the tradition was immediately born. A magical experience if you will. My son was intrigued. He asked so many questions, "will she come alive?" , "does she move?", "are you sure?". I started to unpack and explain. 

They started to fall in love with the idea of having an actual "SANTA SPY!" in their home!  

They quickly started talking to her and my daughter of course loved that she was a girl. We jumped into bed and read the book. We then started thinking of a name but needed some help from Daddy. He suggested Wendi, my kids automatically thought of Peter Pan's Wendy since she flies! I decided to spell it Wendi with an "i" to be unique. Ha. 

We read the book 3 times, Camila wanted to be sure of what was going to happen and my Santi wanted to be reminded of how and when she would come and go to the North Pole. 

Afterward we decided that the best place for her to start her new stay in our home was  on our Christmas tree... we shall see what adventures she has for the next week leading up to Christmas when she has to go back to Santa in the North Pole. 

I loved the book, this was all new to me but it's such a sweet idea and my kids are excited to see where Wendi will venture to each day! 

The best part was chatting with   when she was here earlier this year presenting her newest addition to Elf on Shelf now a Birthday tradition! She is really an inspiration to writers and Mom-entrepreneurs everywhere. Her and her daughter were persistent and had faith in their brand. All of which I love. 

Here is a summary of my 
Interview with the creator of Elf on the Shelf:

Where did the idea come from? Carol Aebersold had an elf named Fisbee when she was a young girl which she then used to help her children celebrate their Holiday season. In 2004,one of  her daughters suggested that they write a book about the tradition. Her story becomes one of persistence and never giving up. She was rejected 9 times before her book was self-published. Carol stated that we should:

"Keep chasing our dreams. Because if we don't, we may miss many great opportunities." 

Her passion for this tradition now translates into thousands of book sales, education initiatives  to help teachers with lesson plans & creative activities for students and now book signing tours. She came to Houston this year to share with with us her newest sequel which is the Elf on the Shelf a Birthday tradition which I cannot wait to open in March for Cami's 4th Birthday! It's a special permission that Santa has given his scout elf for 24 hours to help share in the child's birthday.  

She mentioned that one of the biggest boosts that the book received was in 2007. Unplanned, actress Jennifer Garner was photographed with an Elf on the Shelf, the rest is history! Her story really gives me hope. She stated that we should't assume that things will be easy  or that they will go a certain way, because nothing is set in stone! 

These days Elf on the Shelf is committed to giving back and when you purchase Elf on the Shelf a Birthday Tradition you will help a child receive clean water, $1 of each book sale is donated to Charity Water. This is so important to me, as I want to teach my children about the importance of giving back to our communities and the world around us. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

::Top 5:: Types of Gifts for Momma's #holidays2014

When I think about gifting to other Momma’s I think about things I would love to receive for myself here are my top 5 types of gifts for Momma’s:

1-Personalized gifts:

My friend Tracey from TeeWii recently launched a new shop Plush Design LA  

Their current feature is the Adventurer Set and the Adventur-ish case. 

The GLAMP pillowcase is $12 and the Mr. Outdoors/Mrs. Adventure set is $20.


Social Media: 

I recently purchased a personalized item from Designed to Shine and I am so in love with the shop!

                                           {Picture from Designed to Shine Facebook page

Etsy Shop: 


2-Gift cards:

Sometimes people think it's not enough to just give a gift card but trust me as a Momma on a budget this is always welcome by me! Either to my favorite stores like Old Navy and Target or  ANY food place or coffee shop like Starbucks or Panera Bread.

3- A gift basket:

Another great personalized item are gift baskets. Super easy to create or you can also buy them already filled with great goodies! I know places like Kroger and Walmart have some pretty afforable ones! So many different gift baskets with tons of goodies; cookies, coffee, treats; anything fun and yummy is always great during the holiday's. 

4-Holiday Cash:

Who doesn't need some extra money especially after the Holiday’s! I would say that to me it’s the thought that counts, $10-25. Depending on whom the person is; I would gift a close Momma friend between $20-25 & a co-worker Momma friend between $10-20. I think it's a great gift! 

5-Self Love:

Anything that involves some me time is great like a massage or spa day ! Or maybe a gift card to her favorite nail shop or hairdresser, that way the Momma can have some alone time and de-stress from all the Holiday hustle and bustle! 

Monday, December 15, 2014

::TOP 5 HOLIDAY DRINKS:: #mexicanmomma

When I think of Christmas I think of warm memories and hot homemade chocolate and so many others! 

The kids and I  created our top 5 favorite Christmas drink list, these are listed in no particular order: 

1) Traditional American Hot Chocolate- My kids have newly discovered this with the tiny marshmallows! We love! 

2) Chai Tea Latte-I always love the cold because I can head to Starbucks for my favorite drink. I love the warm spice with milk and extra whip cream. You can also replicate at home. I have and it's so good too. 

3) Warm Apple Cider with red hots- A few years ago we discovered a live nativity scene at a church near our home and after each act they would serve the BEST warm apple cider with red hots in it, we were hooked. It's a Holiday favorite in our home. 

4) Chocolate Abuelita- My Momma has always made us chocolate Abuelita and of course it's a must in our home!! The warm comfort that reminds me of my childhood. Always an amazing feeling! 

5) Champurrado- ::not in picture:: When I was pregnant with my son I was in love with warm Champurrado from a local snack stand outside of a Fiesta here in town and at a restaurant called Gorditas Aguascalientes. I would make my Momma take me after work to get a cup almost everday, even if it was hot outside! Haha. 

What are some of your favorite Holiday drinks?

Friday, December 12, 2014

::12 Days of Christmas HUGE Giveaway:: #texasshops

::Momma of Dos:: Shop Giveaway Partnership 

This is a very exciting post! I have partnered up with FIVE amazing Female run Texas shops! 

You will have 6 days only to enter you can submit an entry per day just follow the RAFFLECOPTER instructions below! 

::ONE:: Lucky Momma of Dos Reader will win this GIANT BUNDLE PACK! It's a great present for you to keep or give to your Best Friend, Sister or Tia! 

I have reviewed 3 of the shops individually, received free items from Santiani and Madre T's is fairly new be sure to check out her FACEBOOK page for more details. 

Please see reviews for more information:






Have you seen all the amazing goodies?? They are amazing the shop owners are all now my personal friends some I have known for years since elementary school and I love their creativity and how their passion and personalities shine through their shops! 



One Custom Made Birthday Outfit from E-Creations
One Smash Cake or Cupcake Bouquet from Madre T's Creation
One Personalized Tumbler from  Designs by Celenne
One 3 Piece Outfit from Rose & Rhodes 
One set of Hair Bows from Santiani Creations
$25.00 Target Gift Card from Momma of Dos 



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{::Momma Fine Print:: Prize items are not all guaranteed to deliver by Christmas ::Each Shop will determine shipping or delivery:: GIVEAWAY OPEN TO HOUSTON AND SAN ANTONIO READERS DUE TO CAKE/PERISHABLE DELIVERY. }

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Procter & Gamble ::FIESTA MART:: Giveaway!! #houstontexans

::Momma Disclosure:: {This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Procter & Gamble and Fiesta Mart Inc. I received the gifts mentioned below both for myself and 1 winning reader. The statements below are both my true and honest opinion.}

Did you get a chance to attend the meet and greets for Houston Texans' football players Brian Cushing and DeAndre Hopkins??! 

Here is my picture recap of the awesome Texans fans that joined us to the events:

DeAndre sat patiently and took pictures with everyone and made sure his fans got his autograph...especially the little ones! 

And, as we all know... Texans fans they go BIG or go home... #texanscountry 

Now who is ready to win some awesome Procter and Gamble products & a $20.00 Fiesta Gift Card ?! 

Prize pack includes the following:
  • $20 gift card to Fiesta Mart
  • Bounty Single Roll Paper Towel
  • Secret Deodorant
  • Old Spice Deodorant
  • Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover Pens

Monday, December 8, 2014

#ad ::Fiesta Mart Meet & Greet with Houston Texans DeAndre Hopkins:: #procterandgamble

::Momma Disclosure:: {This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Procter & Gamble and Fiesta Mart Inc. I received the gifts mentioned below both for myself and 1 winning reader. The statements below are both my true and honest opinion.}

Are you looking to have a fun and affordable Sunday game-day tailgate party or viewing party for the next Texans game?

Well it can be, thanks to Procter & Gamble and Fiesta Mart, Inc; who have partnered up and want to make your next NFL tailgate party a complete success! You can not only enjoy great deals and some freebies but also meet and greet some of Houston's finest NFL players!  Our local Fiesta Mart offers great deals on brands that you know and will surely love. Don't wait, you can join us tomorrow for some great deals and start planning your next tailgate or viewing party! 

Join us at the event, where you will be able to meet and greet with DeAndre Hopkins, take pictures with  him and get his autograph. Also, you can take advantage of the great one-day-only offer; Buy $25 in P&G products and receive a FREE Houston Texans beanie hat

Fiesta Mart will also be giving away free eye black stickers that feature the logo of your favorite Houston home town team! They are super cute! My kids loved them!! 

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Meet & Greet with Brian Cushing! It was great! The fans were so excited from the youngest NFL fan to some very excited gentlemen and ladies!

 Brian Cushing with his beautiful wife Megan! 

Then come back to Momma of Dos Blog for a chance to enter to win a prize pack for you to enjoy more of the great products P & G has to offer! 

Prize pack includes the following:
  • $20 gift card to Fiesta Mart
  • Bounty Single Roll Paper Towel
  • Secret Deodorant
  • Old Spice Deodorant
  • Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover Pens

Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas Centerpieces with Glade ® Scented Candles for Christmas #GladeHolidayMood

::Momma Disclosure:: {This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions expressed are my own.} 

When I was a child I remember our home being filled with wonderful smells of fresh poinsettias, home-cooked meals, and scents of lit candles. My Momma and Abuelita, would make beautiful centerpieces that decorated our dinner, on Noche Buena. We celebrate Christmas as a family and had Posadas the nights leading up to Christmas Eve. 

These days, I am constantly seeking to recreate these traditions for my children. When I saw the glade scented candles I immediately thought of glittered candles to add to our Christmas centerpiece. 

We headed out to our local HEB to find the amazing new scented Glade ® candles. The scents created by Glade ® such as Frosted Cookie Party™ , Sparkling Spruce™ and Apple Cinnamon Cheer™ ,smell so delicious and are reminiscent of our cena de Noche Buena. 

They created the perfect #GladeHolidayMood thanks to #CollectiveBias. 

Here is what you will need to recreate our festive centerpiece, it is really easy and quick to make our glittered candles: 

 1. Spray-on Adhesive 

 2. Glitter 
 3. Glade Scented Candles (I used 3) 
 4. Fun Christmas decorations 

First; I set up a glitter station by my kitchen sink. I picked up the candle from the open end and                      sprayed on the adhesive. 

Then, I quickly sprinkled the glitter on all the way around the candles, on at a time. 

It’s so quick and easy and adds so much glitz to your centerpiece! The centerpieces can be decorated as you would like and see fit. I added reds, greens and silver to help my glittered candles stand out!

It was so easy; your holiday table will not only smell great but be lit in a beautiful manner. This centerpiece brings back memories of when I was younger and my Momma and Abuelita would prepare our holiday dinner. Always a special night filled with family, food and traditions. I am more than happy to recreate these nights for my children and our little family.

 What about you, which Glade ® Candle scents are your favorites?

Thursday, December 4, 2014

#ad #edu Early Education is Important to our Family #TheStoryOfEmma #CollectiveBias

::Momma Disclosure:: {This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #TheStoryOfEmma #CollectiveBias}

I want to share with you a cause that is near and dear to my heart. Thanks to #CollectiveBias for allowing me to share this campaign,#TheStoryOfEmma with the Momma of Dos Readers. With this I ask that you please watch and share the following short 3-minute video; it's the story of how a young girl reaches her goals and finds success through the sacrifices made by her parents and their decision to create a better future for their daughter. Mi Escuelita gave her the educational boost she needed to help her succeed. While the story is fictional, its inspiring message is representative of the children who are positively impacted by a Mi Escuelita education. Here is The Story of Emma:

The Story of Emma from Mi Escuelita on Vimeo.

My parents came to the U.S. in the early 80’s, 1981 to be exact. The year I was born. Immigration was a resource and an option. My parents knew that as a young couple they couldn't provide properly for their now forming family if they stayed in Mexico. My parents became U.S. residents with the amnesty in the 80’s.

We migrated for years where the work took my Dad. Our family grew as well. 4 kids. In the mid-1990’s my parents decided that the traveling was no longer good for us. Our family needed stability, they opted for  living in a small border town called Mission, Texas. Thanks to programs similar to Mi Escuelita in the rural town my Momma had all the resources she needed to help us get ahead. They wouldn't realize what they would do for us as far as receiving a good education early on until our later years when college was an attained dream.  

Because nothing in this life comes easy, my parents instilled in us, education and of course hard work. An education that their parents couldn't afford for them. My Momma the oldest child in her family worked at an early age to help provide for her family. My Dad was in the middle somewhere of his family and really didn't get to go to school either. Both my parents had good trades to survive in Mexico but when it came to following the American Dream they were not sure how they would do it, eventually they dared to and attained success for their children.

With their hard-work and sacrifices made, they provided their family with a home, food and dreams. My Sister and I graduated from the University of Houston. I graduated in 2005 and my Sister followed in 2007. One of my brothers graduated from the Culinary Institute here in Houston and now lives and works as a chef in Arkansas. My younger brother is still working on what he wants to be.

Fast forward to the education my children are currently obtaining. As parents who know the importance of an education. We knew we wanted our children in an early education program even before they started public or private school. My children currently attend an early education Christian academy and it's always a proud moment and achievement to have your son recite entire prayers from memory or lines from his plays at the age of 3 1/2 or now at 5. He also counts to 30 in both Spanish and English. I believe in the power of having a great education and taking full advantage of those resources. 

Personally I knew college was my dream and a goal I wanted to reach. We now tell our children that through hard work and an education they to can be anyone they want to be...even the future President of the United States. 

What is Mi Escuelita "My {Little} School" and how can you help?

Mi Escuelita Preschool Inc. teaches English to children from all cultures and prepares them for academic success. A 501(c) (3) non-profit organization with five locations in Dallas, Texas, Mi Escuelita provides a unique service to low-income families with children considered to be “at- risk.” While remaining strongly dedicated to the preservation of each child’s cultural heritage, Mi Escuelita’s primary focus is to provide a safe, secure and nurturing environment where non- English speaking children of preschool age are taught the English language, pre-reading, literacy, and social skills necessary to have a successful experience in both school and life. Visit” 
I believe in this cause and I hope that you too can find value in what an early education is doing for the children in the program. It not only provides an educational service for the young children who attend but also a wonderful fountain of resources for the parents. Parents that like myself want their children to have an early education in order to create a better future for them! Mi Escuelita is giving these children and their families the opportunity to reach the American Dream, success.

Join us for #TheStoryOfEmma #LATISM Twitter Party on Thursday, December 11, 2014 at 9:00pm. @LATISM and @ColectivaLatina will be joining forces to support of the Mi Escuelita campaign and create awareness about #TheStoryOfEmma. 5 prizes of $50 gift card + $50 donation to Mi Escuelita in winner’s name will be awarded during the twitter party. PLEASE RSVP HERE:

Also Tweet the following to help support the campaign: RT to donate $1! I am investing in #Latino children: lets make success stories like #TheStoryOfEmma a reality

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