Monday, April 7, 2014

::learning to be the light...:: #newworldson

It's hard to be in a space where you just don't feel right. Where you fit in like a square peg fits a round hole. But, then you learn... to "belong" to that place.

To exist in that place and know that regardless of what your true purpose is the present has a lot to say about who you are and where you will go. I know that you don't have a second chance for a first impression. But right now, I am learning to be the light in the place where I am currently.

People already have a perception of me and they think they know who I am. But, in reality when it comes to my daily 8 to 5 pm, I reveal very little here and it's the same there. At work they don't really know me. I don't really allow my guard to come down. I have been working there for almost a year yet I don't think they would understand. Is that selfish? Or wrong of me not to share because I feel they will not be able to appreciate who I am as an aspiring Writer/ Blogger and Social Media expert. It just doesn't got well....with the place I am in. 

I don't think God places you in the wrong place but maybe in a place where you just don't belong as a constant reminder to keep hope alive, to remain in  faith and to seek him further. It has happened every time for me. In the last 6 years or so my passion hasn't really met with my job but I have learned to love the positions I have held, embraced them and excelled within. To me, that's what it has been about otherwise I sit here miserable feeling stuck in an 8 to 5pm, that is never right. 

Instead I choose to bloom and explore in the place that I am currently planted in, not because I don't care to progress or find a better place for myself but because until that time comes.... I want to be happy, learn, grow and enjoy my time here. It isn't difficult. You simply learn that although at times irrelevant to your true purpose it's always a learning experience, that allows you to meet new people and grow in experiences and faith. 

What about you, where are you blooming today?

Friday, April 4, 2014

::Mocktail:: #mommafitness

Hello Hello Happy Friday!!! ::JUMPING FOR JOY::

One of my most favorite things about Friday's is yes, HAPPY HOUR! But, sometimes I can't actually go out and have a Margarita....or it's noon on a Saturday! Ha. So, I was so happy to discover this awesome mock-tail with a little Momma Twist in Men's Fitness

I recreated it and it's so simple. 

I first made a simple half glass of lemonade; 1/2 glass of water, squeezed about 2 limes in it and added sugar to taste (you can use Splenda no worries). 

Then I added half a glass of mineral water and  a couple of fresh mint leaves and ice! I let it all settle in and cool for about 5 minutes. And, PRESTO!  {I then had to make a small pitcher of it for my Hubby} 

The most refreshing NON-Alcoholic drink for all Momma's to enjoy! I loved it!!! 

Hope you enjoy a mock-tail or two today! 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

::3 Year Old Letter to Camila Isabel::

A week ::and 2 days:: ago, yes I am late, my tiny princess turned 3!

A letter I wrote to Cami on her 3rd Birthday.... 

Today you turn 3, when I look at you I see a tiny teenager filled with innocence and pure-heartedness. Your eyes are always seeking more and your laugh is so genuine and filled with life and joy. You can be a perfect princess and a tantrum throwing 3 year old all at once. I see attitude and sweetness. One day you might not want me to be around you but remember that I spent endless, sleepless nights cleaning your butt and puke off my shirt. You will owe me some quality time young lady! You are definitely worth it. 

I don’t know how many more years will pass before I can no longer carry you to bed or before you no longer want me to but for now I know that it's one of my most favorite times of the day. Not only because the whirlwind of constant action that you and your brother create, temporarily rests but also because of the moment.  I pick you up usually from the couch and you always wrap your skinny sweaty arms around my neck and place your  tiny clammy hands on my cheek. Those tiny hands are a beautiful reminder that nothing else matters. Nothing else matters. 

Your favorite movie right now is Despicable Me 2, the “funny one with Lucy”, you say. You love the purple Minions and your birthday party had to be minion filled you walked around the day before saying…”BLAH!” and sticking your tongue out just like the minions do.

You can talk forever and a day, much like myself. You love medicine and feel “sick” on a daily basis. Mostly for the drama. And, because you don’t like school/daycare much. Your Dad somehow believes you everyday. Everyday.

Your brother is your world, you want to be like him, you want to play with him and some days if you are lucky he lets you breath the same air as him.

You are sensitive. A lot. But, don’t let that fool you because I have seen you be tough. You can stand your ground when needed and can be a bit stubborn at times. You get your way sometimes. Keep on. You will need a little of all these traits to become a great leader. Which as Bossy-McBossy in our home you usually take the lead.  

You are super girly more than me, I have no make-up because you get a hold of it and make it your own. You love company and are such a social butterfly. You speak and we listen. You are beautiful in so many ways, remember that everyday. Never allow this world to tell you otherwise. 

You despise brushing your hair. You have a frantic look most days but it suits your cute little face and trust me it never phases you....ever. 

You are complex and so simple. You are always happy and your imagination is growing daily.

You make silly faces, the funnier the better, you like your brother are very animated and you are a happy girl.

You love to model and as soon as your Dad stats playing... "Applause" by Lady Gaga your hands meet your hips and you start walking, waving, spinning and blowing kisses. It's the best.

Your favorite song is Royals by Lorde. You love it. You sing it.

You complete our lives and shine light and happiness into our family. You are an amazing daughter who yes can be a bit stubborn and demanding but you are also filled with hugs and so much LOVE. You have learned to pray for all of us, everyday.

You are a Daddy's girl, your every word steals his heart, he calls you "piernitas" because since the day you were born you made a pact with him that you would never have long legs, but you do. Keeps him on his toes, for years to come I am sure....

You still drink from a "Titi" (bottle) you are obsessed, you carry 3 at a time. You are a bottle hoarder.

I love sitting and watching you talk. Your thoughts are always so insightful, you question those things that I as an adult, never think to question. I love that.

Happy Birthday Camila. You are our world. We LOVE you so much!
Momma, Daddy and Santi. 

Monday, March 31, 2014

::Rodeo Round-up:: #rodeohouston

Let me show you what I feel like right now ::akfhdajkdfbakhfyurgbfhbadnbfdgf:: NON-SENSE.

I know.




Where have I been?

Well, the Rodeo was in town and let me tell you Houston had gone wild. I had an awesomely busy time. I live for it. I love it. I stop all else, even housework {good excuse huh?! ::wink wink::}, and for weeks at a time, I devote all my "free time" to Volunteering at the Houston Livestock show and Rodeo. It all start with what we call the "BIG 3", which is the kick off weekend before rodeo.

We were on Great Day Houston; it's my second time on the show and I love it so much! We got to meet Deborah Duncan, she is so funny and you can tell that she works hard at her job every day. Making Television happen is a complicated thing and her staff is young and very talented you can tell they enjoy their jobs as well! Always a good experience... 

I love our Committee and our Team the Zipper Snappers! The team Captains are so amazing and knowledgeable. They encourage us and keep us informed. With their help I met my goal to raise over $15K in funds for scholarships; I love what I do. Needless to say Rodeo had just gotten started and I was already exhausted.

I only went to two concerts this year, it's so exhausting and I live a bit far from the Rodeo grounds...but we saw Usher and Robin Thicke...definitely worth the sleep deprivation!!

Rodeo is always a great time to meet new people and make new lasting friendships. It is a lot of work but I never regret it! Volunteering has always been a part of my life and I hope to lead by example in my family and that my children will one day be as involved as I am.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Su Salud es Importante #AseguraTuSalud

{::Momma Disclosure::  I am participating in a paid outreach program for Consumer Reports. }

Back when I was in my 20's, there was a period of time when I was a full-time college student, missed the school deadline to get health insurance and tried to apply for several others. I never got a response. I was in school full-time for a whole year. It wasn't unit after I was engaged, in almost December of that year to my Hubby, that he was able to place me on his insurance, since we lived together. By then a whole year since my last check-up had passed and by the time I was able to get to a doctor, I had a tumor the size of a grapefruit behind my uterus and ovaries. I had almost an emergency surgery to remove a possible malignant tumor. Thankfully it was benign and the doctor had good hopes for my chances of being able to have children. Things could have gone totally different. I was young, didn't think it would be such a big deal to be without health insurance, after that year I have never been without insurance again! And, as the years go by I believe more and more that being without health insurance is a risk and health hazard. I urge those who need insurance to find the time to complete the necessary information. Learning from my experience is a good opportunity to help others move forward and be covered so that their health doesn't suffer. 

::Information below provided by Consumer Reports::
Tres razones por las que deberías inscribirte a Obamacare antes del 31 de marzo…

La Ley de Cuidado de Salud Asequible (ACA) ha traído grandes cambios en los seguros médicos para los consumidores.

Probablemente ya estés enterado de algunos de los puntos relevantes, como que las compañías de seguros ya no pueden rechazar a las personas o cobrarles más por condiciones preexistentes, que los adultos jóvenes se pueden quedar en el seguro de sus padres hasta que tengan 26 años y que ya no hay límites de por vida en las pólizas de seguro.

Sin embargo, para las personas que no están aseguradas o que tienen que comprar su propio seguro (en vez de obtenerlo de su empleador o de Medicare), hay factores importantes en la nueva ley que tal vez no conozcas. Los nuevos Mercados de Seguros Médicos estatales ya están abiertos, pero como el período de inscripciones abiertas se termina en marzo, es importante que te enteres de cómo estos factores te pueden afectar.

Estas son tres razones importantes por las que debes inscribirte antes del 31 de marzo:

A diferencia de años anteriores, la mayoría de los consumidores solo podrán comprar seguro médico privado durante el Período de Inscripciones Abiertas. Excepto en circunstancias específicas especiales, solo puedes comprar cobertura para este año hasta el 31 de marzo, ya sea que compres a través del Mercado de Seguros Médicos de tu estado o fuera de él. Este es un cambio muy importante a diferencia del pasado.

Aún tienes la libertad de cambiar tu plan de salud cada año si así lo quieres, pero tienes que esperar. Las inscripciones abiertas para el año próximo van a empezar el 15 de noviembre de 2014 y van a durar hasta el 15 de enero de 2015. Pero la cobertura que compres durante este período solo empezará a ser efectiva hasta el 1º de enero de 2015. Para decirlo sencillamente, si no te inscribes para el 31 de marzo de 2014, no tendrás cobertura médica hasta al menos el 1º de enero de 2015.

¿Qué constituye un “evento de vida que califique” para cambiar tu cobertura fuera de las Inscripciones Abiertas? Los consumidores tendrán 60 días para hacer un cambio si:
• Tienen un bebé o un cambio en su estado civil.
• Pierden su plan existente, por ejemplo, si dejan un empleo.
• Tienen un cambio en sus ingresos que los hace nuevamente elegibles o nuevamente inelegibles para recibir créditos fiscales para reducir el costo de sus primas.
• Se mudan a otro estado del país.
• Tienen un aumento en sus ingresos que los hace a ellos o, a un miembro de la familia,  inelegibles para recibir Medicaid o CHIP.
• Se vuelven “presentes legalmente” en Estados Unidos al obtener una tarjeta verde u otra visa a largo plazo no de turista.
            • Salen de la cárcel.

¿Qué no califica? Enfermarse y de repente necesitar cuidados médicos urgentes. Por  eso es tan importante obtener cobertura ahora.

Más de tres cuartas partas de las personas que han comprado un plan a través de su Mercado de Seguros Médicos van a recibir asistencia financiera para pagar sus primas, según el Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos. Es muy posible que tú seas uno de ellos.

Según sea el tamaño y los ingresos de tu familia, al vez puedas reducir tu prima mensual por medio de un crédito de impuestos llamado el “Crédito Fiscal para Primas de Salud por adelantado”. Por ejemplo, una familia de 4 con ingresos de hasta $94,000 podría calificar para recibir ayuda. Si no revisas esto, podrías dejar pasar la oportunidad de recibir este dinero que te ayude a pagar el seguro. Para  ver de manera rápida y fácil si podrías calificar visita

Nota: Si tu ingreso es bastante bajo, tú o tus hijos pueden ser elegibles para recibir los programas de Medicaid y CHIP, subsidiados por el gobierno, para los estadounidenses de más bajos recursos. Estos programas están exentos del período de inscripciones abiertas y te puedes apuntar en cualquier momento.

La inscripción a los nuevos planes de seguros se ha incrementado notablemente desde que el sitio web inicial tuvo problemas, pero aún hay millones de consumidores que necesitan revisar sus opciones y no quieres verte envuelto en la locura de andar comprando en el último momento.

Además, si  te interesa obtener cobertura que empiece antes del 1º de mayo  vas a necesitar actuar más pronto. Los planes de seguros comprados después del 15 de marzo te pueden dejar esperando hasta el 1º de mayo para que la cobertura empiece a actuar. Los resultados del retraso de las dos semanas que se necesitan para procesar las aplicaciones y los planes de seguro tienden a empezar el 1º día del mes.

También te aconsejamos que tengas bastante tiempo, hasta varios días, para tomar tu decisión.
Dependiendo de dónde vivas tal vez haya varias opciones de planes diferentes de los que puedas escoger con deducibles variables, copagos, redes de doctores y primas mensuales. Es importante revisar esas opciones con cuidado y no en la penúltima hora antes de que se cierre el período de inscripciones abiertas.

NOTA: Consumer Reports tiene una amplia gama de expertos en salud imparciales que están disponibles para aconsejar y contestar preguntas sobra Obamacare los 7 días de la semana.

Más sobre AseguraTuSalud:

AseguraTuSalud es una herramienta informativa para los consumidores individuales. Incorpora la mejor información que tiene Consumer Reports sobre el impacto que tiene la ley federal de cuidados de salud en los consumidores. Aunque las inscripciones han aumentado, millones de estadounidenses todavía no están conscientes de las opciones que tienen con la nueva ley. AseguraTuSalud cierra esta brecha de conocimiento y ayuda a conectar a los consumidores con sus nuevas opciones o los tranquiliza sobre cómo la ley realmente funciona o cómo les puede afectar.

La herramienta funciona para cualquier escenario y te brinda tus opciones. En muchos casos, la herramienta dirige el usuario al Mercado de Seguros Médicos de su estado para que vean sus nuevas opciones de cobertura. Pero, por ejemplo, si tú ya tienes cobertura de Medicare o cobertura a través de un empleador, la herramienta te ayuda a entender cómo tu situación se ajusta o no a la ley. 

Depending on your family size and income, you may be able to lower your monthly premium through a tax credit called the “Advance Premium Tax Credit.” For example, a family of 4 with an income up to approximately $94,000 would qualify for help. Without checking,you could be passing up this money to help pay for insurance.  For a quick, easy way to see if you could qualify visit Consumer Reports’

Health Law Helper is to determine your health insurance options - it is not the tax credit tool. The Health Tax Credit tool in English is at The Crédito Fiscal de Salud (Spanish language tool) is at

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What we allow...

It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. 

Actions are cruel. Words are harsh. But, probably more so than that.... thoughts can be devastating. 

We allow peoples' words and actions towards us to weigh us down. To cause us pain. To remind us that the past exists and that we can't change it.  

I don't know about you but this icky feeling of sorrow. I allow it to bring me down. Yes, I do. I am human. Allowing things to happen is normal. 

The trick is to remember that our Blessings, our strengths, and our new beginnings are much bigger than our past and it's pain. That sometimes people like to hurt you because of their own ill twisted pain. Who knows if they do it intentionally or not. But, life goes on. We need to not only put those thoughts behind us but overcome them

We are not what those words tell us we are. We are better than that...we are far more Blessed. And, does go on. It's not perfect but it's worth living for. 

We cannot allow hurtful words and the past to take over our thoughts, it ruins your mind and heart. 

Today, I am sitting in the peace and love that my children bring into my life, focusing on what I am, what I have accomplished, what I have (not materialistically) but as a a Woman. I am a Mother.  I am educated. I work hard day in and day out. I have beautiful girlfriends who surround me daily. I have a family that has been through so much and still we are standing. I have a Sister who has always been my best friend. 

I am who I say I am, not what others what we me to feel I am. 

I am not perfect, or the most beautiful or the smartest but I work hard for the life I have created. I don't have it all but I am a person who respects others and is loyal and faithful. As well as faith-filled. 

This too, shall pass....

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

::Do you Rodeo?:: #HLSR

Momma DisclosureThis is not a compensated post or sponsored post. 
The statements below are both my true and honest opinion.}

One of my biggest passions over the years has been volunteering. Since I had my Dos little ones, I try to do as much as I can but limit myself to a couple of events a year. 

Like every year for the past almost 7 years I serve as a Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Committee Member. It's been one of the greatest experiences and has given me the opportunity to not only network and meet interesting people of all walks of life but also learn new skills needed to succeed. I recommend it to anyone who inquires about it and I also encourage young Hispanic students to join and become involved. They have amazing scholarship and volunteering opportunities and it looks great on your resume! 

As a Carnival Ticket Sales Committee Member I sell Half-Price Carnival Tickets if you are local or planning on coming to Houston to the one of greatest Rodeos then please feel free to purchase tickets from me. {The link to order is on the flyer below.} The funds raised are not only used to provide Scholarships for students but you can also donate towards the Arm Forces Appreciation day to provide our Military Service Members a free day to enjoy the carnival with their families! 

{Please feel free to contact me via my personal email should you have any questions:} 


Monday, February 24, 2014


For the longest time balance has been on my mind.

The word just makes me cringe.

Between trying to be a career Momma, a house-wifey/home-making Momma, a blogger Momma and an everything else Momma; balance just never seems to be the right fit for me. I mean really when do I have time to balance when I am always on the go.

Thankfully, I came across this article and I am not the only who doesn't agree with the word; Balance. I have always thought, I will do what works for me...semi-somewhat-organized, spur of the moment, let's see how today goes kinda Momma. One day at a time a new plan and new way almost every day.

Crazy? Sure. Chaos? Definitely but it works for me.

Trying to find balance is more like "blurred lines" for me as the article states. I do go through stages where I am either focused on my family, my health, my friends, my writing, myself or any other particular item that comes my way that day, that week, that month and yes...that year...

Here is a little of what my somewhat daily "schedule" looks like:

5:45/6:15ish-6:30 am Wake up time; jump in the shower and get self ready.
6:30-7:25/30ish Wake up kids, get them ready {sometimes with help or alone}, pack lunches {sometimes}, get out the door..don't forget pack backpacks and nap-time blankets on Monday's; we pray in the car.
7:30-7:45/50ish depending on how the moods are I sit and eat breakfast at school with my kids... then walk them to class.
7:50-8:00 am get to work, our daycare is close by...thank goodness.
8am-5/6/or 6:30 pm or so...depending on the day..Work work
5pm-6:00 pm When I don't work late I workout right after work, then go get my kids...
5pm-6:30 pm right now due to Rodeo season this is my travel time from my kids daycare to my Momma's house so she can watch them and then I head to Reliant; Tuesday nights only. {Meeting usually runs from 6:30 or so until 9 pm or so.}
7 pm Bible Study- when I can Thursday nights... I was doing really good for months and then stopped...gotta get back to it.
6:30-9 pm Travel time home, talk to my kids about their day, get home on a regular day; start dinner, clean up, Dinner {talk time with my Hubby}, kid bath time...every other night...yes every other night....laundry and clean up some more... put clothes away..clean up some more. Get lunches ready {sometimes}.
9pm-11pm If I didn't exercise then it goes here. If not then I start Blogging, checking emails, scheduling posts on Blogger or FB. Check deadlines and plan Blog posts. Upload pictures to FB, review stats and number of followers...sometimes...
11-12:30 am On a good night, this is bed time... then get up all over again and do it all over again...

This varies depending on what we have going on.... I am sure I am missing something... I am now fitting in Date Nights with my Hubby at least once a month...and GNO or Selfie time once a month as well. Soon we will have to add kids extra curricular activities.

How do you keep balanced or not? What are your best tips for staying on track?

Friday, February 21, 2014

::Momma Fitness:: Recipe~Caldo de Pollo #weightlossbattle

{::Momma Disclosure:: I know the health benefits of eating well. I reap the benefits of healthy choices when it comes to my weight, family history of diabetes, anemia and on going kidney issues.}

Let me be totally honest in this space. 

First of all, I have not really worked out since maybe the 2nd week in January. I have probably gained about 6 lbs. Not too worried considering where I was this time last year...over 180 lbs and now I am in the 160's. Trust me 6 lbs is not much!

Fact number 2; I don't do well with, "eating well"... "eating clean" or clean eating, or healthy eating. Eating well and I are not exactly friends; as a matter of fact if I could I would eat oreos and pizza all day. No really. It's beautiful.  Not sure if I have told you this little bit of information, I am Mexican. Big time. Ha. And, being that my family is superbly and awesomely know el cafecito,el pancito, las tortillitas, los taquitos, y mas taquitos;  bottom line I have not been eating well. Oh yeah did I mention el PAN!

The awesome sweet smelling colorful pan dulce...ok, done.

So, for the last month {or two} I have been a lump on the couch {not really but you know what I mean}and a face stuffing Momma.

But, this week. Back on track after a horribly wonderful food filled weekend. My Hubby said to me Sunday night we need a detox man! I agree man!

So, by Monday it was green tea and soup time. One of my favorite soups is chicken soup or Caldo de Pollo. Another honest truth about me. I don't like the word diet, thankfully I have learned to detox and exercise regularly.

Caldo de Pollo is so simple and a great detox tool, I think. One friend really simplified it because she used the Paleo food list, still looked so good.

My caldo is not really a diet recipe, I just took my Momma's ideas and made it mine, so here you are:

I usually buy a whole chicken and gut it myself, but for healthier options I dice chicken breast and  add chicken legs for my kiddos.

What you need:
  • 2 large chicken breast {diced or whole} and 4 to 6 legs depending on how big they are.
  • 2 large cloves of garlic
  • ½ of a large onion {diced}
  • 2 small red tomatoes {diced}
  • 2 to 4 Serrano Peppers {depending on the heat you want, you can also leave them out}
  • About 10 small red potatoes {cut in half}
  • 1 bag of baby carrots
  • About ¾ cup of brown rice
  • 1 celery stick
  • 2 or 3 sprigs of cilantro
  • Optional: corn on the cob halves about 6 to 8

First, in a medium to large pot add about 10 to 12 cups of water, the water should completely cover all of the chicken. Add, the celery stick, your springs of cilantro and garlic cloves with seasoning and salt to taste. I use Knorr de Pollo about a spoonful or so.

Cover and bring it to a complete boil, once it’s boiled once and your chicken looks semi cooked, bring it down to a medium heat. At this point you will add all of your onion, tomatoes, whole Serrano peppers {optional}, the red potato halves, your baby carrots and the ¾ cup of rice and corn.

Allow everything to cook for about 30 minutes…you will know it’s ready when all your veggies are tender and the rice has fully cooked. Brown rice is tough and it could take a bit longer to fully cook.

It’s so simple and as my Hubby would say…one of those “set it and forget it” meals! Just a little note; my caldo is never the same, it all depends on what is in my fridge that day. Ha. I do though make it often, because it's easy and my kids love it. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

::Confidence:: #galentinesNP

Momma DisclosureThis is not a compensated post. The statements below are both my true and honest opinion.}

"The No's hurt so bad"

They do.


You're not pretty enough.
You're not skinny enough.
You're not smart enough.
You're not tall enough.
You're not good enough.
You're not ______ enough.

In a land filled with no's why not create our own YES! 

We have the power to give ourselves a Yes! 

Yes we can do it! 
Yes we are smart enough!
Yes we are good enough !

A couple of weekends ago I attended a great event with an inspiring group of ladies who have all created their YES! 

They were beautiful, motivating and above all YES creators!

Neydi from Neydi Photography came up with the idea of a Galentines "Valentines" themed makeover meet-up! It was a fun event, not only to meet new friends but also to gain some much need ME time!

Ashley  is the seemingly quiet and very beautiful artist from Make me Over Ashley! Her passion is her true voice expressed through her work! She is so sweet and really captures who are you as she works diligently on your make-up.

Then the Sister duo a true inspiration for me because I often ponder on how my Sister and I could team up! Karen and Brenda from Xten by DeAnda!! They were vivacious and spirited and their YES has already been determined by following their dreams and seeking their talents!

For a Momma like me the afternoon not only allowed for the much needed pampering ME time but it also opened my heart to a realization that I am also following my YES and my passion; by constantly seeking my true talents. The event allowed us to share stories, lots of fun laughs, some good bottle(s) of wine and delicious sweets provided by Ms. Neydi and her fabulous guests!

And oh yes, did I mention our Makeovers!? An amazing boost of confidence for this Momma of Dos! I felt so great inside and out!

Definitely a YES moment in my book! Thank you Neydi Photography and your awesome sponsors for this beautiful event!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

::Overflow:: #womanseventhouston #BCF

Momma DisclosureThis is not a compensated post. The statements below are both my true and honest opinion.}

This year finding my one word has made a difference for me; Peace has changed my perspective. Finding my peace in every instance. 

For others, words like Love, Live, or maybe Overflow will change their perspective. 

One thing is for sure whatever your word may be, stick with it and soar! 

The second thing I want for this year is to seek more opportunities of growth and positive experiences. So, when I was contacted to share about Overflow, I fell in love with the idea! 

Being a Momma is a lot of work, being a Single Momma is, I think, double or triple that work. I have learned from the very best, my Beautiful Sister, who works so hard to make an amazing life for her and my nephew! 

If you are a Single Momma and want to attend a local event that is sure to change your perspective please visit;

Also!! We will be giving away TWO scholarships for the event!!! All you have to do is enter below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

{Event Information provided by Overflow
A gathering for women who are raising children on their own  for a day of encouragement and  fresh revelation of a heavenly Father who loves them.
March 22, 2014   8am-5pm  
at Houston Christian High School
2700 West Sam Houston Parkway N, Houston  77043
A ministry of  Bayou City Fellowship 
When you were a little girl, being a single mom was probably not your dream but this is the reality of your life.   The demands are intense and the total responsibility can be overwhelming. However, through the Jesus Christ, there is hope, joy and a peace that overflows! From life overwhelming to a life overflowing!
At Overflow, you are in for a day of encouragement, refreshment and inspiration, connection to other women in similar life circumstances, a celebration of motherhood and time for drawing closer to Christ.
If you are separated, widowed, divorced, have never married, adopted a child without a spouse, have husbands that are incarcerated or stationed overseas in the military, you are invited to join us for a special day as you connect with other single moms, learn more about God's purpose for your family and leave feeling encouraged and refreshed.
Featuring :

  •  Speakers who have traveled the journey of single motherhood with inspiring stories to share of how God has been faithful with His grace and mercy in their lives.
  •  A fun program for your children designed to entertain and encourage them with God's love through His Word!
  •  Uplifting worship and powerful prayer!
  • Breakout sessions covering a broad range of topics such as:  Praying for Your Children, Forgiveness, Filling the Daddy Gap, Biblically Budgeting, Who Am I? Who Does God Say I Am?, Organizing Home and Schedules (suggestions at present, actual session titles to be determined)
  • Opportunities to gather information on issues pertinent to single moms!
  •  Goodies & Surprises! }

Romans 15:13 New International Version (NIV)13 May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. 
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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Brilliant Earth’s Create a Little Love Campaign! #brilliantearth

Momma Disclosure: This is not a compensated post. The statements below are both my true and honest opinion.}


Love is...


Love is....
All around us. 

It comes in all shapes and sizes and when you least except it. When I think about Love these days, I think about not only my Hubby but also these 2 {Dos} little people who rules our the most amazing way!

To Love someone the way you can love your children is beyond comprehension. You just don’t know how much love you are capable of  until you have children. Your entire purpose and meaning of life are forever changed.

When I think about love, I think about my children and their childish way…so perfect, so unique, so love-stricken!  

Tiny hands and tiny feet with pure hearts and lots of toys!

I say Love with all my heart and soul….

How Do You Say Love?

{Information below provided by Brilliant Earth}
::Post Inspired by Brilliant Earth and their Create a Little Love Campaign for more information visit ::

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Brilliant Earth provides education about the social and
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Brilliant Earth supports underdeveloped communities ravaged by
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Thursday, February 6, 2014


Last year I attended a Women's conference, the name "Overwhelmed" the message, well yes...Overwhelming. In a good way. 

Ever since then I carry a blue pen in my purse and the word on it speaks out to me every time I use it.


I used the pen this past weekend at yet another faith-filled mini-seminar, this time for couples. It was a message of Intimacy, yes in a physical way but more importantly in a Spiritual and Emotional manner.

And, it's something that I have taken with me all week. 

Why do I become overwhelmed? Well, because I am now a Momma and doing is well what I do! Then there are passions that I have like Volunteering and this here Blog. And, 8 hours of crazy work days, plus a house to maintain and children's birthday parties and family parties and all kind of other meet-ups and fun life activities to do!

How do I recognize that I can become overwhelmed? I remind myself that while it would be fun to meet Sid the Science kid at 9 am on a Saturday morning at the Children's museum, my 4 year old and almost 3 year old wouldn't mind sleeping in and eating pancakes instead. They have no matter what we do. I remind myself that while I can get free tickets to the Children's festival by blogging about it, I can also go to the park that same day and enjoy my family in a less crowded space.

How do I make peace with not being overwhelmed? I allow my heart and soul to take over my life rather than the world.

Yes, all of these activities are great and I do participate in a lot of things during the week; Rodeo work, work Work, Bible Study, mentoring and preparing for new Blogging experiences..but my children and my Husband are not me.

They enjoy down time and relaxing and I should respect them. Stressing them out with daily and weekend schedules is well overwhelming. Allowing our family to just be, gives us more peace and more rest to enjoy not only each others company but also the smaller things in life that we tend to ignore when we try to fill our calendars with so much of everything else.

While my calendar quickly fills-up with my responsibilities and families calendar sits still and remains in peace, and that works for us.... 

What about you? How do you remain in control and not allow yourself to become overwhelmed? 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

::Blogging Q & A::Parte Dos #mommatips

This is a continuation of my Blogging Q&A for anyone looking to get more information about this awesome world of sharing and writing:

Have you been to a Blog Conference and should I Invest in going to one?
YES and YES! I was changed by my first conference and the way I looked at my Blog. I was sponsored to attend my very first conference locally. It was an amazing experience and it really opened my world to the market of Latina Bloggers. I met a wonderful group of ladies and am constantly impressed by their persistence and determination, they were inspiring and continue to be the ones that constantly motivate me and push me to be more. 

The workshops and seminars were all very helpful and the people there are so interesting and full of information! 

That was Latism in 2012 and then last year I attended Blog Elevated which was an awesome refresher where I met; John and again another great group of ladies, some which I had already connected with and others that I have now become great friends with! 

How to get sponsors for the blog?
This is going to sound so bad. But, most the sponsored posts that I have done, the PR's have contacted me. Some I have applied for through various groups that I have signed up with, like SITS and Mom Central. Other than that I have been Blessed to have been contacted by a couple of marketing and PR companies that I have worked with through out the last year or so. 

I would say put your Blog out there, join different groups and sign up for different newsletters where you can be constantly informed of what different companies have to offer. Word of advice. Don't do too many at once start with a couple and go from there, it becomes overwhelming at first. I have had to pass up on opportunities that I just didn't have time for. 

WordPress vs Blogger?
It's really a matter of preference and what you get use to. I started on Wordpress in 2008 and then converted to Blogger in 2010, it seemed more user friendly and provided more options as a beginner. I like it. I love the simplicity of WordPress though and I think it's become better to navigate but for now I am sticking to Blogger. I love it. 

I would say; use what works for you! 

How do you find time for it all?
I am not going to's difficult sometimes. I often found myself writing at 1 or 2 am just to get a post in for that day. But, these days I post as I have ideas and when I have time, unless I have deadlines to meet with another Blog or Sponsor. I work 8 to 5 pm outside the home every day and then run home to pick-up my kids, clean up, cook dinner and get ready for the next day. 

I also squeeze in exercising and for about a month now I have been doing my yearly Rodeo Volunteer work which will end at the end of Feb and then Rodeo begins and this Momma is going to enjoy some concerts! But, I manage and time becomes available. 

It's life, we will always have time for those things we find important and meaningful! 

How do you make your pictures pretty?

Well if you are awesome you would use Photoshop but I am average so I rely on websites like PICMONKEY.COM or Photoscape. Both are free and easy to use! 

Please feel free to send all your questions to the following email: and don't forget to visit my Social Media pages:

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

::February:: #lovemonth

Can you believe it's February?! NO. Really. It's February!  

I don't even remember January and it was only 3 days ago. Just another sign that this year will go by fast!

I have a couple of Blog updates. I am seeking a designer to help me with a new logo I have in mind so stay tuned to some very awesome new changes. And, I am trying to keep up between Rodeo season here in Houston, home and work so I will try to write as much as possible this month!

I owe you a Parte Dos of the Blogger Q&A, working on those! I also have a yummy recipe in the works for our Friday Health/Fitness post.

Not sure if you read some of the ways I plan to keep sane, happy and in peace this year but one of them was and is more alone time with my Husband. Our first date night of the year was to a wedding last month it was FUN. Very appropriate. I think.

This past weekend a friend invited us to a Couples Dinner hosted by her church the theme was Intimacy, what an appropriate way to begin this month and to add another date night to 2014.

The topic at first seemed a bit intimidating  and we were intrigued as to how this would work in this type of setting but everyone was so extremely nice and their sincerity put us at ease. It was a great reminder that no matter how great of a marriage we have, we need to constantly work on our true Love for one another.

Not because we don't love one another, but because we do and we want to continue to grow not only as a couple but as individuals and remain in love as the years go by. It was a great night filled with fun memories and definitely eye opening thoughts about love, marriage and yes, sex.

It was quite the interesting session as the Pastor gave us a very honest insight into his own marriage and how he has overcome those barriers that were keeping him from having the marriage and life that God intended for him. Definitely a type of dinner that I would recommend for any couple seeking MORE out of their relationship with each other and with their faith.

How was your first weekend of the month? And, what type of LOVE plans do you have for February?

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