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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

::8 Years and Counting:: A Marriage Reflection

For many of you who know us, you should know that Ricardo and I have grown-up together. We were teens when we met. 15 years later and after 8 years of marriage, 2 toddlers, and a lots of good and bad we are still here. Together. In love. In our own way. My Hubby is not your typical romantic who remembers the small things the way I do. For a long time, I really disliked him for it. But, then I slowly began to realize who he is...

He is above all a thoughtful and determined provider for his family, organized and mindful of what we can and cannot afford.

He is a happy father who LOVES his children unconditionally.

He loves me and cares for me.

He tries every day to be better person.

He brings me flowers when I am mad. It counts. A lot.

He accepts me and my crazy ideas but he doesn't always agree with me.

He is my Husband, a Father, a Brother, a Son, a Brother-in-Law and a Son-in-Law as well as a friend to many.

He is an intelligent man with his own plan, trying to focus on his goals.

His laugh is contagious.

He is the love of my life. My one and only. My always and forever. NO matter how much we argue and say things...we are still together. Making it through the struggles of everyday.

Marriage is not easy. Living with another person for years and years is not easy. It's work. Everyday a new day. Everyday a new challenge. We work at our marriage, some days are good, some are bad and others are great. On the worse days we give each other space, we hear each other out but we never run away.

Marriage has been a blessing, a life changing experience and a life time commitment. I don't plan on giving up and I am sure and blessed that he will not give up either.

People will see us and judge us, as individuals for what we are not or what we don't do, or what we lack or what they think we are. But, in the end Him and I know each other, what we have been through and where we are going. Nothing else matters. Ever.

The goal is to make it and make it good. Our vision are two children. They will see us, they will follow us, they will know what and who we are, they are watching us and for them, we will do our best to be great. For them, for us and for each other as individuals.

I say it all the time. Our lives are not perfect, nor do we claim it or pretend to be that way. Our lives are together and together we make it work. Some days we are happy, others we are sad and some days we are very, very mad but always together.

We try every day to make the best of what we have. We don’t have it all. We might not have the best but we have love…every day.

Ricardo, I love you. I don’t tell you enough how much I appreciate you and admire you, for your strength, your courage and your determination. I love you…..until death do us part. Happy 8th year wedding anniversary, and happy 15 year anniversary of being together.

Friday, August 15, 2014

::Friday Letters:: are back!!

::Friday Letters::

Dear Friday, THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE! Can I get an AMEN! ::NO really:: I decided on Monday that I would start my Friday Letters again and for some reason Friday took forever to get here!! Longest week ever!! Hellooooo Friday!!!

Dear Hubby, Thank you for your support this week. And, every week. Even though I gripe and complain. And, blah and ahhh. Oh yeah and Grrrrrrrr and GRRRRRR all week long. I don’t mean it. Ever. You are awesome. You love me. You support my crazy last minute ideas and this here blog and you don’t judge me. Except for when I leave the milk open and when I do the whole laughing thing online like this… haha. Ha.

Dear Kids, I might say you are pain in my butt all week but I love you. You are a bit of a pain but it comes with the whole…”Santiago/Camila, I am your Momma“ thing. I love you more than words. Everything I do, I do it with our future in mind, your wellbeing and your college fund. Just sayin’. You are kind of expensive, BUT you are worth it and I pray you are smart. Just sayin’!!

Dear Summer, WOOOOOOHHHH! You have been BUSY but a TRUE blessing! Every experience has been taken in, embraced and written about on my blog or social media sites. I know people are tired of me but that’s ok. I have a purpose. I have a goal. I am driven. My vision becomes clear with every step. My motivation and inspiration grows with every new opportunity given. Thank you Summer you have been extra GOOD to me, my PayPal account thanks you! ::wink wink::

Dear Life, don’t allow me to reach the top and if I do knock me back down, bring me back to my roots, remind me of why I started this and WHO I started this for. Allow me to remain humble but proud of my accomplishments and limit my cockiness so that people don’t hate me. And, if they do hate me, oh well, I can’t please everyone. Just sayin’! At the end of the day solo hay un camino y ese camino es para adelante!!

Dear Friends, Family, Acquaintances and New Friends and Business Relationships, THANK YOU for believing, for supporting, for taking a risk with me. Hugs and positive vibes to you all!!

Dear Universe, BRING IT ON! ::closes eyes tightly and waits to be hit by the universe:: Ha. I am thinking it all up in a dream and then putting it out there in the universe and being brave and having the courage to take off. And, believing in myself! I will take you on. Some days I know I will fall flat on my face with my words, action and personality but other days I hope to conquer you, learn and continue to grow!

Happy Friday Ya’ll!!!!!!!!!!!!

What’s on the books for your Friday??

Thursday, August 14, 2014

{La Pulga} #northsidehouston

So, let me keep it real for you. And, I mean real.

My parents are Mexican. So am I.

Ever since I can remember,especially from my memories living here in Houston, my parents have never been "fancy eaters". We have always been simple. And, yes we have always enjoyed the Pulga {or Flea Market}.

Here in Houston there is no doubt that one of the most aged flea markets is the "Airline Flea Market" which has many other names or references but that's how I know it. La Pulga de la Airline.

It's unique Mexican style Tianguis setup and authentic food, music and atmosphere really makes me feel comfortable and not quite in Mexico but at least close to it.

I have always loved Houston for this very reason, no matter how far we are from the Mexican border we somehow have managed to recreate many Mexican classics in a very "American" city. Places like the Mercado and the Panaderia are also some of my favorites also interestingly enough located on Airline.

Northside Houston is where I grew up, so I was no stranger to these places. Now that I am a adult with children of my own, we opted for living a bit outside of the city and in a more "rural" location. But, that doesn't keep us from our favorite places in town. We visit at least 2 or 3 times a month or as often as we visit my Mom and Dad at their home, which sometimes is every weekend.

My kids have been exposed to all types of food, places and people and they too  are no strangers to these where-abouts. We love it because while it's not fully authentic in location it's very similar and teaches our kids a lot about different Mexican traditions and really a lot about how my Hubby and I grew up.  

What about you? What are some favorite places that you feel are authentic to your roots and that you want your children to grow up with?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

::August:: #morethanamonth


It's  not only the month I met my Husband in 1999, even then he wasn't just some guy who wanted to date me and called me every other day from a payphone, he was different. Could I tell you that he would now be the same man who I married and had dos children with? No. Probably not. At 18 life for me was uncertain. My immediate family wasn't as stable as a family would want, to think that one day my dad could walk me down the aisle and that he would later be around to see me give birth to his grandchildren. It was complicated.

It's also the month that 6 years later in 2005, my Hubby would  propose to me on the same day we met August 13th...only after I was being nosy, as usual and found my engagement ring in the glove compartment of his 2000-something Jetta. It was still a special moment 6 years in the making. 

A year later in 2006, on a rainy Houston day we got married. August 19th.

3 years after that, in August of 2009, we were a month a away from having our first child. A son born September 16th. We thought then we were complete... 

Imagine our surprise when almost a year later, once more in August, while we were away on an Internship trip with my Hubby I would find  out I was pregnant again, this time  with my daughter, Camila. She was born in March of 2011. Now we feel complete but we have no idea what more the universe has in store for us. 

And, we are waiting and ready for whatever that may be.....

Oh yeah, did I mention that it is also my Hubby's Birthday month, this year the big 3-5!! 

Without even thinking about it, August has so much significance in our lives. It continues to bring blessings and positive outcomes for our little family of 4.  

What  month, is more than just a month for you? 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

::Date-Night Tuesday:: #makeupmonday

If you know me, you know that I am not much of a make-up kinda Momma. At all. Ever. I am more of a "let's get dressed and out the door before we regret this" kinda person. When I first had my children I would ruin my possible days of being out and about by stressing over how "perfect" we all had to look. Reality quickly set in as toddler-land grew and these days, we get it done, no matter what we look like. I realized that my kids and I will never please anyone with our "perfect" appearances. Therefore, we are who are and we attempt to step out in style every once in a while but for the most part we are a normal, everyday Mexican looking family. We are okay with this, really! 

This past Friday the Hubby and I decided to have date-night for a friends 50th birthday dinner. My Momma was going to come over after work and help us out with the kids. She is the best Mexican GranMa ever, she did my laundry and cleaned my kitchen by the time we got back. She arrived at my house that night and I had not had a chance to get the kids dinner, so I ran out to the grocery store. In thinking of getting ready for that night I remembered that I have a 3 year old daughter who thinks she works for M-A-C at the mall. Needless to say, I no longer own eye shadow brushes, lipstick or mascara. 

While at the grocery store that night I decided to buy some new make-up, yes grocery store! Kroger to be exact, I know some fancy make-up lady is pulling her hair out right now. But, I think I did pretty good and I only paid about $14. I am a pretty practical Momma and very low-maintenance. I think this is the first mascara and lipstick I buy in about 3 years.

I bought the following:

Eyeshadow Brushes (Kroger brand) $5.99
Mascara (Cover Girl) $3.99
Lipstick/Lipgloss (Cover Girl) $3.49

and this was the result; probably NOT the best picture of me that night but it's all I have:

What about you? Where do you shop for make-up and what does your make-up bag look like?

Thursday, August 7, 2014

W2W Conference #w2wempowered #iwokeuplikethis

::Momma Disclosure:: {This is not a compensated post. I was invited to attend the Woman 2 Woman Empowerment Conference here in Houston by Total Beauty Ladies Events. All statements below and opinions are my own and are true and honest.}

When it comes to people, places and things; I am constantly seeking to be inspired, motivated and moved to action. In the same fashion I aspire to inspire, motivate and move others into action. Sometimes I succeed. Other times I realize, it’s just not up to me! If the person receiving is not receptive or open to change the way I see it, then they will remain and move at their own pace and I move on.

This past weekend I attended the Woman 2 Woman Empowerment Conference for the first time after connecting through YES, social medial with the amazing Shunte, and let me tell you amazing does not cover the entire description of who Shunte Davis-Gamble is! I am so happy that our paths crossed at this very moment in our lives. We have quickly gained an on-line and now in-person friendship, that I know will go far. Plus her personality just makes it so much easier to love her! 


If you know me, you know that I take it all in. No matter how interested or interesting I am still evaluating, dissecting and embracing the moment. Last week was a busy one for me. I wasn't sure if I would be "in the mood" for Saturday morning. But, seeing Shunte posts on FB and her daily enthusiasm, really pushed me out of bed and into the conference that morning. I am beyond glad that I made it.

I arrived and didn't know anyone, but felt comfortable. As I walked in I met Shunte, her smile, her warm and welcoming embrace and her words... Was it fun!?!? {She was asking me about the Beyonce and Jay-Z concert, I won the tickets through her group and the conference!} Immediately I felt amazing! I felt as if I belonged. 

I found a table in the breakfast area and yes, quickly made connections and friends. Shunte came in introduced herself...with her signature "HEY YAAAA'LLLL!!" She is a born natural. Her speaking and presence, so gentle yet so admirable and notable!

Then we transitioned into our first workshop, were we created our name tags and paper-bags to fill with daily affirmations for one another. A great exercise for a room filled with strong, confident Women. Mind you I didn't know Shunte personally before this day, when she came in and started to explain our task she stated that she was Teacher by day. It was at that point that everything made sense, it's evident in her actions that she was born to lead a room filled with people who are eager and willing to learn.

Who is Shunte, she is a petite woman with SO much personality, so much character and so much heart and passion. As she walked around explaining how we should label ourselves and our bags she was patient and concise about what she wanted us to do. Name our selves based on an adjective that best describes us. So easy, yet so difficult. Mine became Cheerful Connie. The ladies around me quickly became identifiable...Classy, Sexy, and Mighty.... these were just a few adjectives used. I loved them all.

And, as if one wonderful woman with a whole lot of power wasn't enough, my world quickly brighten as I had one of my personal "meet and greet goals" met.

I am big on volunteer work here in the Houston area. Since having my children I have limited it to a few events and organization a year. One that I do yearly is the HLSR, as a part of a committee we are often asked to make time to appear either on TV or at events. Well I usually opt for TV, and one place that we visit every year is the Debra Duncan show here in Houston. Every time I go I am in awe of the functions and how it all gets put together, mostly because of one special lady. She is bright and precise and very professional. To my surprise she also knows Shunte, so I was ecstatic when I recognized her as she got organized by the podium. Who is she?!?!

Alexis Herron, one of my personal favorites. Seeing her outside of TV land and hearing her speak was definitely the cherry on top for that morning. Her "I" affirmations of who she is and who we are as women; strong, confident and powerful, allowed me to realize that I had not fallen into my seat that morning by chance but by grace and God. She spoke to us about, reaffirming who we want to be and being who we say we are! She played THE song... you know... FLAWLESS... I woke up like this. And, by the end of her speech, I felt not only empowered and yes flawless but refreshed and happy to be who I am! If you have not heard her speak or you do not know her, I invite you to find her online and follow her!  I didn't miss the opportunity to tell her that I am a huge fan of her...... and I know that I met her for a reason....

Shana Naylor, the Real Single Mom's Club. As a blogger I am often added to groups or peoples personal pages and I become connected with different people. When I added Shana I knew she was a Realtor and we had Shunte in common I did my quick research and then added her to my FB page. So, when she came across the table at breakfast that morning handing out her card, I was happy to meet her in person. Then I realized she too was one of the speakers. And, even though at this point, I knew who she was and what she looked like in person, I didn't know her story. She spoke of divorce and how she gained an education with each relationship loss, which I think should be her book {#authorstatus Shana}. A story of triumph as a Single Momma out of what could not have turned out so well. Her ability to thrive despite her circumstances which for many Single Momma's would be inspirational to know how she did it. Seeing her daughter a soon to be college student, placed me in awe of their story.

Vendors, Awards and Panel ::During Lunch::
We enjoyed a fantastic and tasty lunch from Dinner for Two Catering. During lunch this set of ladies composed our discussion panel;

Dr. Shiree A. Berry, Shalanda Turner-Engineer & Fashion Blogger, Arnaecia Alridge-Marketing Entreprenuer, & the funny Rayla a Comedian and Business Owner.

Their insight, personalities and attitude towards life was wonderful. They did so well with one another and complimented each-other as they answered all of our questions. During this hour several ladies were recognized for their outstanding work in the community. It was great to be among the honorees for Woman on the Rise award, I am humbled and thankful! Then we mingled where I met Missy G., one of  the cute fashion bloggers in the group! We spoke to the vendors and took samples of products! My favorite booth was that of Origami Owl headed by Ms. LaMeka Washington. Then.....the dancing started and that's when the real fun began!

I just want to congratulate not just Shunte for her outstanding work leading this conference but also her parents, for supporting her. Above all for believing in their daughter and her vision. As a blogger I know what it's like to follow a path and a vision that very few are willing to walk along side you and that less understand... I loved this conference and what it stands for in the Houston Community!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Saboree Su Salud ::United Healthcare Event::

::Momma Disclosure:: {This is a compensated post. I was invited to collaborate with United Healthcare in hosting the Saboree Su Salud Private Event and cooking demonstration. All statements below and opinions are my own and are true and honest.}

When I remember dinner time in my house as a child I think of amazing homemade Mexican food created by my parents. The spicy and tasteful flavors. Sometimes it was somewhat healthy and some days it was just delicious! What I know now is that those meals while absolutely filling in the long run weren’t always the best choices for our health. These days my family lives with the reality of Diabetes at an early age, cholesterol and high blood pressure. While our foods and traditions have been lasting we don’t want to allow disease to overwhelm our lives so that we can no longer enjoy family, food and culture.

My Husband and I both have a history of health problems on both sides of our families. Our goal as Mexican-American’s is to keep eating those traditional Hispanic foods that we love and enjoy while also seeking healthier alternatives to what we feed our family. The balance some nights becomes a true challenge. As a Mexican-American family one of the most important times in our home is; as my son would call it , "comida time"! But, making the best decisions that will not affect our health can be something that often leads us to eating the same thing night after night.

Which is why I love what United Healthcare/AARP is doing with their new cooking demonstrations and seminars to learn a little more about healthy alternatives to traditional Latin favorites; such as the tasty Arroz con Leche prepared last week by Chef Lydia Gonzlaez. Her demonstration included teaching us how the smallest changes can make a big healthy difference and we don't have to lose our unique and usual taste as Hispanics in our kitchens and homes! My Tia Nina was my guest that day and although her way is set in stone she was definitely open to trying Chef Lydia's recipe as it proved to satisfy her taste buds!

Chef Lydia will also be at the upcoming Houston cooking demonstrations hosted by United Healthcare/AARP and we urge the Houston community to attend as they will not be disappointed! Lydia Gonzalez, who will be leading the cooking demonstration, is the founder of and chef at the Latino Culinary Institute in Dallas.

The seminars are part of a summer kick-off series by United Healthcare they are completely free and open to the public more information can be obtained by calling 1866-296-9489 {Code: 8FJ} or see the information below!

The Medicare education Seminars and cooking demonstrations will be conducted in Spanish to make it easier for Spanish speaking beneficiaries to get the information needed.

Las dos fechas en las que estarán haciendo las demostraciones de cocina y las sesiones de Medicare son:
August 5, 2014, 10 am, at Southwest Multi-Service Center, 6400 High Star Drive, Houston, TX 77074

August 6, 2014, 11 am, at Ring Neighborhood Library, 8835 Long Point Road, Houston, TX 77055

Upcoming seminars in other cities see below;
Aug. 19-21: Brooklyn and Queens, NY
Sept. 9-11: San Diego, Chula Vista and San Ysidro, CA
Sept. 23-26: Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Oct. 8-9: Ft. Worth, TX

[All information below was provided by United Healthcare representatives;

::Some more details about the Seminars::

The seminars are being held across six states, including Texas, through October to help Hispanic-American beneficiaries learn how to find Medicare coverage that best fits their health needs and budget.

During the educational seminar, participants will learn about their Medicare options as well as the basics of Medicare.

Bilingual representatives will be available to answer beneficiaries’ questions about Medicare coverage options that will meet their health and financial needs.

::UnitedHealthcare’s Commitment to Hispanic-American Beneficiaries::

UnitedHealthcare’s mission is to help seniors and other Medicare beneficiaries live healthier, more secure lives.

Understanding Medicare and their health care coverage options is a key component of achieving optimal health and wellness.

Over the past three years, UnitedHealthcare has hosted more than 90 Medicare education seminars that were specially designed to meet the needs of Hispanic-American Medicare beneficiaries and help them better understand the Medicare program.

Through these interactive and informative seminars, Hispanic-American beneficiaries have received the information they need – in their own language – to help them make more informed decisions about their health care coverage options. ]

Friday, August 1, 2014

Classic Hershey's S'Mores ::Toddler Activity:: #veranohersheys

::Momma Disclosure:: {This is not a compensated post, but I received sample products from Hershey's. They are also providing a Hershey’s S’mores Prize Pack to giveaway to one of my readers. All opinions and content is my true and honest opinion.}

::Additional Momma Disclaimer:: Do not by any means assume that my children have personalities, I have no idea where they get it from. ::insert laugh here::

My children are at the age where they want to help with everything I do {I hear it won't last long} and last month thanks to a visit to the circus they discovered S'mores!  Which is why when I was asked to create this post in honor of Hershey's S'mores I was sure they would be ecstatic! I wasn't wrong!

My kids helped me prepare their new favorite snack; perfect for after school snacking or to help keep two busy toddlers, well busy! We had so much fun preparing and enjoying our delicious snack! The process was so toddler friendly and easy to clean-up it definitely allowed us to enjoy this Summer moment and have a little fun in the process! 

Please note that at the end of this post you too will have TWO opportunities to win your very own Hershey's S'mores Prize pack!

Here is what you will need to create your classic Hershey's S'mores:

• 4-8 graham crackers, broken into halves
• 2-3 Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bars (1.55 oz.), broken into halves
• 4-8 large fluffy marshmallows

Oh yes and Dos {2} adorable helpers, as you can see I had no luck! 

1. Place ½ of Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar on a graham cracker half.
2. Carefully toast marshmallow over grill or campfire (supervise the kids if they’re doing this); place over chocolate.
3. Top with second graham cracker half; gently press together.

And, yes while you can do this activity outdoors, it was a little rainy and hot in Houston today, so we decided to use our S'more to Love kit and prepared our tasty treats with the oven at 350 degrees and in only a couple of minutes our S'mores were done!

And, now for a chance to win your own prize pack to create this amazing snack to enjoy with your family and friends!

Your Prize pack will include:
  • Pair of Tongs
  • Apron
  • S’mores Grill Basket
  • Marshmallows
  • Graham Crackers
  • Hershey’s Milk Chocolate

About The Hershey Company

The Hershey Company (NYSE: HSY) is the largest producer of quality chocolate in North America and a global leader in chocolate and sugar confectionery. Headquartered in Hershey, Pa., The Hershey Company has operations throughout the world and approximately 15,000 employees. With revenues of more than $7.1 billion, Hershey offers confectionery products under more than 80 brand names, including such iconic brands as Hershey's, Reese's, Hershey's Kisses, Hershey's Bliss, Hershey's Special Dark, Kit Kat, Twizzlers, Jolly Rancher and Ice Breakers. The company is focused on growing its presence in key international markets such as China, Mexico and Brazil while continuing to build its competitive advantage in the United States and Canada.

For more than 100 years, The Hershey Company has been a leader in making a positive difference in the communities where its employees live, work and do business. Corporate Social Responsibility is an integral part of the company’s global business strategy, which includes goals and priorities focused on fair and ethical business dealings, environmental stewardship, fostering a desirable workplace for employees, and positively impacting society and local communities. Milton Hershey School, established in 1909 by the company's founder and funded by a trust administered by Hershey Trust Company, provides a quality education, housing, and medical care at no cost to children in social and financial need. Students of Milton Hershey School are direct beneficiaries of The Hershey Company's success.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Health & Beauty Products ::Top 10::

I will admit as a Momma it's hard to keep up with all the great new beauty products sometimes! So, I asked the Beautiful and very talented Tracy from TeeWii to help us put a list together of her TOP 10 favorite Summer Beauty products! 

I met Tracy at the Ford Trend Conference in Detroit last month little did I know that soon we would be collaborating! For more fun reviews and awesome ::DIY:: videos visit TeeWii on Facebook and Pintrest

::Here is what she came up with::

Summer is my favorite time of year; I love to get a healthy tan and keep my beauty routine fresh and natural. Here are the 10 summer beauty products I cant live without!

1. Josie Maran Argon Infinity Cream

You can use this miracle balm on everything from dry lips and elbows, to soothing razor burn or taming fly aways. You can also add it to cheek bones for a healthy glow, which is perfect for summer.

2. Shea Moisture, Coconut and Hibiscus Hand and Body Scrub

The Target beauty section never does me wrong! Shea Moisture's Coconut & Hibiscus Hand & Body Scrub is a moisturizing sugar scrub that exfoliates and nourishes while leaving skin firm and toned. This is great to use before a spray tan or once a week to keep your skin fresh and glowing.

3. Kiehl’s Nashi Blossom and Pink Grapefruit Body Mist

This bright, citrusy scent screams summertime date! It’s refreshing, light and perfectly feminine. I guarantee you’ll have people ask what you're wearing everywhere you go!

4. Pureology Strength Cure Split End Salve

Our hair takes a beating this time of year, and I have yet to find a product that repairs my ends like Pureology. Apply one pump to ends before drying and sport shiny locks all summer long!

5. Whish Post Wax and Shave Serum

Being in a bikini all summer means extra maintenance on our lady parts; which can cause razor burn or post wax irritation. I’m not embarrassed to say that I use this cream after every bikini line shave. Nothing is worse than hitting the pool or beach with razor bumps, and this all natural formula will prevent that. It also fights off ingrown hairs which is an added bonus!

6. Eraclea Ever-Moist

I’ve been battling dry lips for years and I can tell you from experience that this product is the best! Ever-Moist is great on its on or applied (lightly) over lipstick. This is a must have for your beach bag, purse and suitcase! A tube costs $16, which may SEEM like a lot- but one tube will last you half the year, you don't need much.

7. Essie Fiji and Good To Go Top Coat

Theres a reason why Fiji is an Essie fan favorite. This shade is my go-to for summer! It looks great on any skin tone and coordinates with your entire wardrobe. I recently discovered Good To Go Top Coat and it is a miracle worker! You know when you paint your nails late at night or right before you run out the door, then you get those little dents and lines? Give your Fiji nail polish 5 minutes to dry, smack a coat of Good To Go on and your nails will be perfection!

8. Wella Ocean Spritz

You don't have to go to the beach for perfect tousled waves! Wrap sections of air dried hair around a curling rod and spray with Ocean Spritz to create the perfect beach bunny waves.

9. Mountain Ocean Skin Trip (Coconut)

This lotion is amazing! It’s blended with Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, and Lanolin which makes it perfect for soothing sun-kissed skin or applying after a shower. This is also a great belly lotion for mamas-to-be.

10. Beauty Society Making Shade SPF 30

This sunscreen is a little pricey, but it’s worth every penny. It’s light, gentle and wont clog your pores.

What about you, what are some of your favorite beauty products right now?

Learn more about Tracy @ TeeWii:

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